Style and colour - the perfect combination

Architects and designers sometimes face difficult tasks. In addition to designing a building in a certain style, they have to choose a façade colour that will match it. What are the different styles and which colours should be used?

Most of us are familiar with the rule that the lighter the colour of the walls, the larger the room appears. The same applies to the shade of the building façade, but in this case white will not always be appropriate. How do you combine style and colour to work best together? Below we discuss the most popular styles and their combinations with colours from the Ceresit Colours of Nature palette.

From style to colour

Modern style is primarily characterised by functionality, simplicity and harmony, which is why white (e.g. WHITE DESERT, WHITE MIST), grey (e.g. LANZAROTE 2, LANZAROTE 4) and black (e.g. DIAMOND EVENING) are the dominant colours. These colours are the perfect complement to wood, which also often appears as a complement to this style.